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SemiAutomatic Weapons Project 12 by Dani DaOrtiz

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The Semi-Automatic Transposition

In the final lesson of the Semi-Automatic Weapons project Dani DaOrtiz shares with you one of his most cherished techniques. The introduction to this technique is through his Semi-Automatic Transposition. To begin, the magician breaks the deck into four packets and hands them out to spectators to shuffle. The deck is reassembled and ten cards are dealt onto the table. A spectator thinks of any number between one and ten. The magician shows the cards on the table to the spectator one at a time, and they memorize the card at the position they chose. The magician counts down to the card in the position they memorized and puts it sight unseen face down on the table. Three more spectators select numbers between one and ten, and a spectator counts down that many cards into the rest of the deck, and the card at that position is placed face down on the table sight unseen. The magician makes a magical gesture and asks the spectator who memorized a card to name it. Impossibly, that card is revealed to have changed places with the card the second spectator placed on the table. This astonishing effect is only the beginning of where this Semi-Automatic technique will take you.

This lesson is over forty minutes in length and features a subtle technique that gets big results. In addition, you will learn multiple effects that span a variety of plots. Key Takeaways for the student are:

Plus One
Plus One is the main pillar of the lesson that Dani will impart to you. While many magicians have played with being just slightly ahead of the audience, this is a master class in exactly how to put yourself in this advantageous position. You’ll learn how a single card advantage can give you access to powerful magic.

Secret Additions
Playing with Plus One requires you to be able to secretly add cards to a small packet or an entire deck. You’ll learn a veritable avalanche of moves to secretly move cards from the bottom to the top, transfer from one packet to another, and even how to use a false deal to secretly alter the position of a thought or card. You are guaranteed to learn a new technique here that you can use to fool your audiences.

The Card In The Pocket
This is the trick that sent Dani down the Plus One rabbit hole. A card is openly placed in the magician’s pocket. The deck is then shuffled and the spectator remembers a card at a thought of position. Impossibly the thought of card has vanished from the deck and is discovered to be the card that was put in the magician’s pocket from the very beginning. This amazing trick inspired some incredible variations that Dani shares with you in this lesson.

Lesson Twelve of the Semi-Automatic Weapons series is a graduate course in this incredible principle that will put you one step ahead of your audience. The powerful principle combined with the veritable armory of sleights you will learn is a toolbox for you to create your own amazing magic. You are about to become privy to the secrets that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so disarmingly devastating. It’s time to graduate with Dani DaOrtiz in the final lesson of the Semi-Automatic Weapons Project.
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